Multiplayer capable environment
Dialog system allows easy interaction with NPCs
Each NPC is controlled by iGEN®-NPC Intelligent Agent
iGEN® Tutor monitors the game

The VECTOR environment is built using iGEN®, iGEN®-NPC and the LithTech Jupiter Game Engine, which has been used to develop such commercial PC games as “Tron 2.0” and “No One Lives Forever 2”. The Jupiter game engine is based on a server/client architecture where the server-side manages the game and communicates to all connected clients as to the current state of the game (ie, player positions, etc) and the client-side is used to display the game to the user and interact with the user (ie, player controls, interactions with other players or NPCs).

In VECTOR, all NPCs are created and controlled on the server-side. When the game is initialized, each NPC is created and linked up to an iGEN®-NPC intelligent agent. The iGEN®-NPC intelligent agent controls that NPC’s movement, dialog, and emotional state. VECTOR currently has nine such NPCs. In addition to the iGEN®-NPC intelligent agents that are controlling the NPCs, there is also another iGEN® intelligent agent tutor connected directly to the server which monitors what the trainee is doing. There is also a speech recognition system that is linked to the clients, which is used by the trainee to interact with NPCs in the game.